Solo triangle

Ecophon Solo Triangle is an acoustic solution, primarily when it is not possible to install a wall-to-wall ceiling.‎ Solo Triangle is suitable in buildings where the room volume could be maintained or as an option when TABS (Thermally Activated Building System) is selected as cooling system.‎

Solo Triangle is an unframed free hanging unit.‎ The unit is suspended with Adjustable wire hangers and in combination with the engineered Connect Absorber anchor (patent pending) it gives opportunities to create several layers and angles.‎  The Solo Triangle panel is available in size 1039x1200x40 mm with a weight of 2,5 kg.‎ The panel is manufactured from high density glass wool utilizing the 3RD Technology, with Akutex™ FT surface on both sides.‎ The edges are straight cut and painted.‎



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