Akusto Wall C

For use as wall absorbers together with a sound absorbing ceiling, to achieve excellent acoustic properties in the room. Ecophon Akusto™ Wall edge C has a concealed grid and the bevelled edges create a narrow groove between each panel.

The system provides extensive design possibilities. The system consists of Ecophon Akusto™ Wall edge C panels and Connect™ profile systems with an approximate weight of 5 kg/m². The panels are manufactured from high density glass wool. The visible surface has a glass fibre fabric (Texona) or an impact resistant glass fibre fabric (Super G™ ), and is also available with a painted surface (Akutex™ FT). The back of the panel is covered with glass tissue.

The edges are painted, and the front surface is partly covering the long edges. For best performance and system quality, use Connect™ profiles and accessories, which gives a lot of design possibilities. The profiles are manufactured from extruded aluminium.


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