SHERA ceiling board


SHERA board, high-quality, environmentally-friendly fiber cement board by SHERA, is a unique composite of natural fibers tightly bonded in a high-grade silicate structure. This fiber cement board is painstakingly created using autoclave technology which is the highest standard of fiber cement production technology. Thus, SHERA board is immensely tough yet remains flexible and dimensionally stable. SHERA fiber cement board is easy to handle and install, requiring faster installation time and more cost-saving. What’s more, this fiber cement board is the perfect solution for any house that faces a constant threat from termites and water damage: it is termite and water / moisture resistant. The appropriate ceiling applications include external soffit, car park ceilings and internal wet areas such as laundries, kitchens, shower rooms and restrooms with a thickness from 3.2 to 6 mm.


  • Bendable
  • Easy Installation
  • External Use
  • Fast Track
  • Fire-Resistant
  • Immune to water damage
  • Non Brittle
  • Termite and insect resistant
  • Weather Resistant


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